Modern Atrium/ Lobby with Throwback Elements

This unusual and interesting atrium/ lobby is part of a large movie theater complex in South Bend, Indiana. 

1st Source Bank, South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, Indiana, looking northeast, Michigan Street at Washington Street.

Key Bank and Chase Bank, South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, Indiana at the blue hour (after sunset, right before complete darkness). Looking northwest near St. Joseph Street and Wayne Street.


Evening Streetscape, South Bend, Indiana

Looking south on St. Joseph Street at Wayne Street. This is a time exposure - the white streaks are car headlights blurred through the picture. Created August 27, 2013.


South Bend Cityscape

Looking northeast, Michigan Street at Washington. First Source Bank is on the left, College Football Hall of Fame is in the center, and the South Bend Chocolate Cafe is on the right. Photographed August 26, 2013.


South Bend Cityscape

Looking south on Michigan Street at Jefferson, South Bend, Indiana. August 22, 2013. 


Norfolk Train

This Norfolk freight came charging through the Ober Savanna Nature Preserve (in Indiana) when I was hiking there. I used a very slow shutter speed to blur the movement. 


Michigan City, Indiana at Night

Cooling tower at the NIPSCO generating station. The pinkish tint in the steam is from city lights in the area. 

 NIPSCO electric power generating station reflected in the Trail Creek lagoon.

 Very old lighthouse building.

 Engines waiting at the NIPSCO power generating station.


Historic Standpipe at Bremen, Indiana

This remarkably well-preserved water tower was built in 1892. Removed from service in 1955, it still stands at the trademark of this excellent little town. Very few standpipes still exist, and few if any are in such good shape. We tend to forget that we have something really rare right in the middle of town. We should take care of it, take pride in having it, take note of its historic significance, and enjoy its unique beauty at all times of the day and night.

LED's were used to replace the old incandescent lights.

Glamour shot!

With corbels of the old opera house.


Goshen Theater Marquee, Goshen, Indiana

I caught this marquee with lights on during a "First Fridays" event in 2012. To get the first picture with the lights reflected on the car below, I had to set up my tripod in a busy street. I just had to wait for a lull in traffic and then hurry!


Governor Otis Bowen's Final Journey

Historic day in a little town:
The caisson bearing the body of former Indiana Governor Otis "Doc" Bowen moves through his hometown of Bremen, Indiana. It was a solemn and dignified event, honoring a great, great man of integrity.

Citizens of Bremen, Indiana pay their respects as the caisson bearing the body of former Indiana Governor Otis "Doc" Bowen moves through town.


Dog-n-Mug Drive-in

The old Dog-n-Mug drive-in is still flourishing in Mishawaka, Indiana. It's on McKinley Avenue a little east of Main Street. This is a time exposure, and the white streaks across the bottom are car headlights moving through. Special thanks to the manager for turning the lights back on after closing time, so that I could get pictures at the blue hour.

State Theater, South Bend, Indiana

The old State Theater has reopened for a variety of events in downtown South Bend, Indiana! A while back I was surprised to find the marquee lit up and reflecting nicely on wet streets. Let's all do out part to show up and help it survive and flourish!


Evening on the St. Joseph River

Hulking silhouettes of downtown buildings overlook the St. Joseph River in South Bend, Indiana. Photographed at "the blue hour," after sunset but before full darkness on April 2, 2013.


Jefferson Street Bridge, South Bend, Indiana

This grand old bridge on the St. Joseph River provides good views of South Bend's downtown cityscape. This is a thriving city with a rich history and lots of great things to see and do. 

Looking west at night.

Looking northwest at night.


Wind Turbines

These turbines were photographed in west-central Indiana. When I see these in front of a nice sunset I'm reminded of a line in Thoreau's journal:  "While men are recording the direction of the wind, they neglect to record the beauty of the sunset or the rainbow."
Henry David Thoreau Journal, June 28, 1852.



These falls were photographed on a small tributary of the 
Salamonie River in Wabash County, Indiana. 
A slow shutter speed was used to blur the moving water.

Juday Creek, South Bend, Indiana

This creek was photographed near its confluence with the St. Joseph River. A slow shutter speed was used to blur the rushing water. This is one of the few streams in northern Indiana with clean water.


Bremen, Indiana at Night

Looking south on Jackson Street.

 Looking east on Plymouth Street.

Looking west on Plymouth street.

 Looking west on Plymouth Street. 
Car headlights blurred in this time exposure.


Ghost Train

The other night this ghost train came whooshing through town. It was so weird - I could see right through it!


Twyckenham Street Bridge, South Bend, Indiana

The twin cities of South Bend and Mishawaka are impressive in many ways. Clearly there is an appreciation for education and the arts, and the architecture is very good. Historic buildings are nicely maintained and much of the St. Joseph River is paralleled by paved walking and biking paths. The modern infrastructure is excellent.   These are thriving cities with a lot of interesting things to see and do.

Steeple Silhouette

Evening at St Adalbert's Church in South Bend, Indiana.

Highway at Night

This is a time exposure created at night. With a very small aperture setting, the vehicle bodies don't show up but the headlights do. The red streaks are the upper clearance lights on semi trucks. Photographed at Lake Station, Indiana.

Evening Cityscape

Looking west on East Wayne Street in South Bend, Indiana.

Memorial Leighton Healthplex

A night shot in South Bend, Indiana.


The Commerce Center, South Bend, Indiana

This extraordinary building sits between the St. Joseph River and the East Race waterway in downtown South Bend, Indiana. It's original use was as a power generating station, using coal to produce steam for driving turbines. Excess steam produced here was used to heat nearby buildings. This building was the second power station to be built on this site. In order to prevent an interruption to the city's power supply, this building was constructed around the outside of the old building, and the old building was later dismantled and carried out piece by piece. Located on Colfax Street just east of the St. Joe River, it has ben repurposed/ upcycled into office space, and several different companies are housed here. This is a thriving city with a rich history and a bright future!


Near a former power generating station in South Bend, Indiana.